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Our mission is to critically understand and engage with innovation in religion and through religion.

The Center for Religious Studies (ISR) at Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) has as its mission the advancement of critical understanding of the multi-faceted relationship between religion and innovation in contemporary society. We engage with innovation in religion, covering texts, traditions, doctrine and institutions, as well as with innovation through religion in the areas of science, technology, business, politics and the law. The Center is also committed to experimenting in innovation in religion and through religion. The Center is non-denominational and conducts multi-disciplinary research on the phenomenon of religion across the breadth of its articulations. ISR’s researchers cover expertise in the fields of Philosophy, Theology, History, Ethics, and Law. Within the Bruno Kessler Foundation we work together with historians at the Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG) and with the Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), in developing joint research and innovation projects.